Our chess classes are structured around six progressive levels of chess knowledge: a Pawn class, a Knight class, a Bishop class, a Rook class, a Queen class, and a King class. The kids who aren't yet quite familiar with chess start in the Pawn class. You can see the more detailed classes' description on our main page. If you're having trouble determining what level your kid should be, do not hesitate to contact us in any way convenient – we would be happy to help! Classes are scheduled once per week. However, each class (except for the Queen class and the King class) has several meeting days for you to pick. For example, there is a Monday Pawn class, a Tuesday Pawn class, a Wednesday Pawn class, a Friday Pawn class, and a Saturday Pawn class. All Pawn classes of the same level meet around the same time period (with Saturday being the only exception). Please note that each additional enrollment for more than one class is only $95.00 per month. There are several classes available – see the full list below. After registering for a class you will get access to NECS students' privileges, including USCF membership, students only tournaments, the online game platform for friendly matches and so much more.