Chess Class in Greater Boston

Our classes focus on developing chess strategy & tactics, with the emphasis on tournament participation & team building.

Kids of all levels are welcome! No matter if you’re a novice who knows a few moves or a proficient tournament player, you’ll find a suitable class for your skill level in NE Chess School.

There are 6 levels of classes dedicated to various levels of chess knowledge. Once you succeed in the class of your level, you can jump up to the next one! The starting level class is the Pawn class – for chess novices who aren’t yet familiar with the game. The next level is the Knight class. It is dedicated to kids who can finish the game by themselves without asking for help but are still not familiar with the most common chess tactics. The next class is the Bishop class. The Bishop students usually have some experience with tournaments and can win against most of the kids their age. The next level, the Rook class, is for proficient players. The Rook students analyze famous chess players’ games and their own games to improve their skills. The two last levels are the Queen class and the King class. These levels are invitation-only – it’s dedicated to the Rook students who have outgrown their peers.

Our classes include a lecture and supervised playtime, individual homework assignments are given to supplement in-class learning.

We have one in-person location to offer in Greater Boston: the Needham branch. You can check out the schedule and contact information below.

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Chess Classes in Needham, MA