Private Chess Lessons

Welcome to New England Chess School private lessons!

Does your child love chess? She wants to play with you constantly, which was fun... For a while. Now it's too much to handle and your child is better player than you! Do you want more practice than a weekly class?
If so, you might need to consider trying private chess lessons. Search no more – NECS offers a private lessons program that can address all your chess-related concerns.

Program Specifics


You can choose how many lessons per week your child will have and how long will they be. You can also schedule your lessons individually and decide what time period would work best for your family.


No more driving your kid around, hurrying to make it to class in time! No matter how far away from our head office you live, you'll have the opportunity to access our great coaches in the haven of your own walls.

Individual Approach

We're examining each case individually to make sure that every child is getting their specific needs met. Our coaches will create the best learning path for your child with your chess level, personal preferences and the goal you want to reach in mind.